Chrome On The Range w/Jeff Chalmers jeff

While he hasn’t exactly hung up the headphones just yet, long-time Toronto radio personality Jeff Chalmers (Q107/92.5 JACK-FM, boom 97.3) has a hit of another variety on his hands. Chief cook and bottle washer at the mobile food cart Chrome On The Range,  Jeff serves up comfort food in the heart of downtown Brampton.

“The cart was launched in 2012, in December of all months and to a really positive reaction,” says Chalmers. “We spent the entire winter at Gage Park.”  “For me, it’s the social aspect of operating a food cart that I find appealing.  The service window is really a window on the world.  I meet people from absolutely everywhere and we talk about absolutely everything.”  The ever-evolving menu features an all-day breakfast sandwich, the ‘Harry Dale’; a nod to the son of the Brampton-based Englishman who in the 1870’s convinced his father to expand his greenhouse operations to include the growing of roses.  “He’s why Brampton is known as Flower City,” explains Jeff. The sandwich is their number one seller at the Brampton Farmers’ Market. The perfectly poached farm fresh egg tastes nothing like you’d get from a drive-thru. And they’ll even top it with real grated cheese. It’s the same stuff they use for their grilled cheese sandwiches. A recent addition to the menu is the Main Street Cow Patty. You’ve likely never experienced a tastier burger. Then there’s the ‘Gage Pork’ peameal sandwich; sweet pickled pork loin on a fresh Portuguese bun. Comfort food at its best. See you around town!

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