Alice & George made the trek from North York to Brampton for an Aloo Tikki and a Peameal.

Brampton Mayor, Linda Jeffrey

Batman showed up out of the blue one night. After posing for a couple of photographs, he uttered, ‘stay safe’…and was gone.

Christina married Pablo on March 15, 2014. We were their first stop. Congrats, guys!

Former NHL referee Ron Wicks was active from 1960 – 1986.

Brampton’s Gage Park reopened February 8, 2014 after having been closed for seven weeks following the ‘Ice Storm of 2013’

Thanks to Art for the cool, retro order pads!

Kids in the ‘hood.

Sister act.

Is that a bird in his glasses?

Silver Elvis

Regional Councillor John Sanderson (Wards 3 & 4)

We source our farm fresh eggs locally from Cody’s Cows of Acton, ON



Yeah, nice buns. We get ours at 6am from Azores Bakery in Brampton.

Thumbs up!

Thumbs up!

Food safety is paramount.